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下载 (1)Founded on October 29, 1950, Shandong Normal University (SDNU, hereafter) is a key comprehensive university in Shandong Province as one of the earliest universities established after the foundation of the People’s Republic of China.
SDNU presently covers an area of about 600 plus acres with two campuses, namely, the Main Campus and the West Campus. At present, the total number of faculty and staff is 2,602, among whom are 1,809 full-time teachers, including 339 professors and researchers, and 544 associate professors and associate researchers. SDNU now has an enrollment of 29, 100 full-time students, 3,000 out of which are pursuing either doctor or master degrees.
Currently, SDNU has 23 full-time schools/colleges offering courses in 9 main academic disciplines, i.e. philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, natural sciences, engineering, and management. There are 65 undergraduate specialties, 126 master degree programs, 31 doctoral degree programs, and 7 post-doctoral research stations.

The university library is among the largest libraries in Shandong Province, well equipped with modern large-scale facilities, with a collection of 3.3 million volumes, 9600 kinds of Chinese and foreign periodicals, 1.12 million volumes of E-books and 135 Chinese and foreign databases. In addition, SDNU sets up a key research base for humanities and social studies at provincial institutions of higher education officially approved by the Ministry of Education of P. R. China, i.e. Center for Studies of Qilu Culture. Moreover, there are 18 provincial research and training institutes affiliated to SDNU, such as Sustainable Development Research Center of Shandong Province, Shandong Provincial Teachers’ Training Center, Shandong Provincial Foreign Languages Training Center, etc. Besides, SDNU publishes six worldwide academic periodicals. Among them is China Population, Resources & Environment, inscribed by China’s former Leader Deng Xiaoping, which is the only academic journal focusing on sustainable development in China.

SDNU attaches great importance to international academic exchange and cooperation. It has established inter-school exchange links with 51 institutions of higher education in 13 countries. It is one of the first group of universities approved by the Ministry of Education of China to enroll international students including those who enjoy Chinese government’s scholarships. It is also designated by the Shandong Provincial Government the Teaching Base for Chinese Language and Culture. Currently, every year there are about 350 international students coming to SDNU to take part in the short-term and long-term training programs. Since 1983, SDNU has educated 5,000 odd short-term and long-term international students from over 40 countries and has become a window for Shandong Province opening to the world.


University Name
Fees per Year
Shandong Normal UniversityApplied ChemistryChineseJinan14,000 RMB
Shandong Normal University Applied PhysicsChineseJinan14,000 RMB
Shandong Normal UniversityApplied PsychologyChineseJinan14,000RMB
Shandong Normal University Applied PsychologyChineseJinan14,000 RMB
Shandong Normal University Applied Psychology (In Chinese and English)ChineseJinan23,000 RMB
Shandong Normal UniversityBiological TechnologyChineseJinan14,000 RMB
Shandong Normal UniversityBiologyChineseJinan14,000 RMB
Shandong Normal University Broadcasting JournalismChineseJinan14,000 RMB
Shandong Normal UniversityChemistryChineseJinan14,000 RMB
Shandong Normal UniversityChinese LanguageChineseJinan14,000RMB
Shandong Normal UniversityChinese Language and LiteratureChineseJinan18,000RMB
Shandong Normal UniversityComputer Science and Technology (4 years)ChineseJinan14,000 RMB
Shandong Normal UniversityEnvironmental ScienceChineseJinan14,000RMB
Shandong Normal UniversityGeographyChineseJinan14,000RMB
Shandong Normal UniversityGeography Information SystemChineseJinan14,000RMB
Shandong Normal University Ideological & Political EducationChineseJinanRMB 14,000
Shandong Normal UniversityInformation & Computing ScienceChineseJinan14000RMB
Shandong Normal University International PoliticsChineseJinanRMB 18,000
Shandong Normal University JournalismChineseJinan14,000 RMB
Shandong Normal University JournalismChineseJinan18,000 RMB
Shandong Normal University LawChineseJinanRMB 18,000
Shandong Normal University Law (in Intellectual Property)ChineseJinanRMB 14,000
Shandong Normal UniversityMathematics & Applied MathematicsChineseJinan14,000 RMB
Shandong Normal UniversityPharmacy (4 years)ChineseJinan14,000 RMB
Shandong Normal University PhysicsChineseJinan14,000 RMB
Shandong Normal UniversityPsychologyChineseJinan14,000RMB
Shandong Normal UniversityResources Environment and Urban & Rural PlanningChineseJinan14,000RMB
Shandong Normal University Social WorkChineseJinanRMB 18,000
Shandong Normal University Teaching Chinese as a Foreign LanguageChineseShanghai19,800RMB

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